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Resume Rule (RR) Resume Rule is an employment website and service for Job Seekers who seek assistance in submitting their Resume to Managers who have open positions in their respective field or industry. Prospective Employers also submit relevant criteria for job openings within their companies. Our Specialized Recruiters evaluate each resume, and match the best candidate with the available positions. RR is not an Employment Agency but more Like a Matching Service for Job Seekers and Recruiters/Employers in complimentary fields with open positions.

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    recreated in a good format



  • Creative website with personalized
    resume Designed and hosted



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Once you submit your resume to Resume Rule, it is matched with a Specialized Recruiter in your field or industry, who then matches you up with Employers from those industries who have submitted relevant criteria for their job openings.

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EXPERIENCED RECRUITERS WITH CONNECTIONS: We provide you FREE of Cost Qualified Candidates for various industries. Recruiters/Employers please submit your requirements through the above links.

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